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The WolvenKit Conole is a handy tool that support the following command-line operations
  • Bulk editing
    Bulk edit all files in your mod project according with the following options.
    NOTE! WolvenKit also has a GUI for the bulk editor! You can find it under Tools > Experimental > Bulk Editor
``` -n Required. Specify the variable name. Example: -n autohidedistance
-v Required. Specify the new variable value. Example: -v 9999
-e Specify the file extension to edit. Example: -e w2mesh
-c Specify the chunk name. Example: -c CMesh
-t Specify the variable type. Available types are Bool, Uint64, Int64, Uint32, Int32, Uint16, Int16, Uint8, Int8 Example: -t Uint16
-o Specify the option type. Default is replace. Available types are Multiplication (*), Division (/), Addition (+), Subtraction (-), Example: -o + Example: -o /
--exc Exclude the following values. Example: --exc=0,64,1028,2053
--inc Include only the following values. Example: --inc=0,32,64
--help Display this help screen.
--version Display version information. ```