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Editor Interface

Once you created a new mod project, this is the main Wolvenkit Window from which everything is done.
WolvenKit New Project
Some control elements of WolvenKit are already visible:

Folder Structure

You can already see the structure of a Witcher 3 Mod Project to the left:
More information is found here: The Witcher 3 Modding Workflow <missing link> 1. DLC: Files placed here will be made into a dlc, that is custom additional content which does not directly modify any vanilla game assets. 2. MOD: Files placed here will be made into a mod mod, that is a custom modification of vanilla game assets. 3. RAW: This is a directory of all raw assets (pictures, meshes, apb files) See here for an explanation of what counts as a raw asset. 4. Radish: This directory is used for Wolvenkit-Radish Modding tools integration: See Full Guide: Radish Integration in WolvenKit <missing link>
In the menus you will find important tools, settings and utilities for modding The Witcher 3.