8.4 (Latest Stable)
Lexar-mode engage

Published Oct 03 2021

WolvenKit 8.4 brings major quality-of-life improvements in a relatively small package. Additions to file I/O, browsing user-generated mods, and new options for editing W2RC files can dramatically streamline some modding workflows.


8.4.3 (Nov 11 2021)

  • Tweak Editor: Array editing
  • Curve Editor: Fixes, zoom and editing
  • Red Resource Editor: Fixes, array editing
  • TweakDB: Fixed arrays and added remaining types
  • Fixed a bug where w2rc buffers would not update on selection changed
  • Fixed dirty filenames for tweak files
  • Fixed theme settings bug which prevented color changes
  • Fixed a bug where the Asset Browser would extract vanilla files while browsing mods
  • Fixed the Asset Browser breadcrumb navigator folder sorting


  • Added tweak CLI command
  • Added check for updates button
  • Added async file search within the Asset Browser
  • Support for simultaneous reads from a single archive file by multiple WolvenKit instances
  • Cleaned up Settings

8.4.2 (Nov 01 2021)

  • Fixed a bug where parallel unbundling caused a crash
  • Fixed a bug where the app crashed on a pre-release version
  • Fixed a bug with the file editor child item arrow expander
  • Fixed hidden properties in Propertygrids
  • Fixed messagebox layout
  • Fixed compiled packages reading
  • Fixed some TGA texture import issues
  • Fixed miscellaneous asset exports


  • The Home and Welcome pages are redesigned for improved efficiency and UX
  • The Ribbon has been reorganized and cleaned up
  • Some file icons have been updated
  • Added support for reading W2RC file buffers (ent/app/mesh)
  • Added progress indicator to the Status Bar
  • Added unbundle game button to the Ribbon
  • Support for group adding within the tweak editor
  • Logging has been improved
  • Faster archive manager loading
  • Support for double faced meshes with the Import/Export tool

8.4.1 (Oct 06 2021)


  • Critical bugfix for importing mesh files with the Import/Export tool
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