What is the Toolbar?

The Toolbar is a list of critical functions and shortcuts within the Editor interface.


New File

Create a new Redscript or Tweak DB file


Saves the currently selected document within the File Editor.

Save As

Saves the currently selected document within the File Editor to a new file path.

Save All

<MAY NOT WORK AS INTENDED WITH LATEST WOLVENKIT BUILD> Saves the all opened documents within the File Editor.
Create a new Mod Project and begin using WolvenKit
Open an existing Mod Project on your PC
Pack project files as a complete mod
Pack project files as a complete mod and install to the game directory


Opens the main Settings page.

Bug Report

Send detailed bug reports directly to developers


Send feedback about WolvenKit directly to developers

Game Depot

Unbundle Game to Depot

Unbundles all game archives to the Depot.

Extract Materials to Depot

Exports texture resources and generates material json files to the Depot. Learn more on the dedicated subpage.

Browse Game Depot

Opens the user-defined Depot Path with your desktop file explorer.

View Options

The core modules behind the WolvenKit Editor. Click below for a detailed summary of each editor.



Save Layout to Project


Show File Preview

See Settings

Reset Layout

Resets Editor document layout. This can be especially helpful if the layout is bugged or an editor window is unrecoverable.

Show Toolbar Labels

Toggles toolbar icon labels for minimal style.

Use Ribbon Instead

(NOT RECOMMENDED) Swap to the deprecated Ribbon menu.