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This is the home for the RED Modding Wiki! Here you will find quick links to all of our public wikis from this central hub.



The community Modkit developed for the REDengine 4 game Cyberpunk 2077

​REDengine 4​

General documentation about REDengine 4
The original command-line tool for modding Cyberpunk 2077 (deprecated by Wolvenkit)
Cyber Engine Tweaks is a plugin that fixes some Cyberpunk 2077 issues and adds some features including a console with Lua scripting support.


RED4ext is a script extender for Cyberpunk 2077, allowing modders to interact or extend the scripting system.



​Legacy WolvenKit​

The original community Modkit developed for The Witcher 3

​REDengine 3​

General documentation about REDengine 3
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