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What's this?

Cyber Engine Tweaks is a plugin that fixes some Cyberpunk 2077 issues and adds some features including a console with Lua scripting support
Currently compatible ONLY with game version 1.6

Getting Started

For information on how to install Cyber Engine Tweaks, check out the link below.

Current Features

Debug Menu
Enables the debug menus in game so you can cheat, investigate...
Skip start menu
Skips the menu asking you to press space bar to continue (Breaching...)
Remove pedestrians and traffic
Removes most of the pedestrians and traffic
Disable Async Compute
Disables async compute, this can give a boost on older GPUs (Nvidia 10xx series for example)
Disable Antialiasing TAA
Disables antialiasing, not recommended but you do what you want!
Adds an overlay to draw a console so you can write any kind of script command (full Lua support)


  • Memory allocation performance
  • Skip conditions that never fail


If you wish to contribute to the main repo, try to follow the coding style in the code, otherwise not much to say, don't use code that is not yours unless the license is compatible with MIT.
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What's this?
Getting Started
Current Features