Upgrade Guide

General Instructions

Key notes on upgrading existing mod for the CET 1.14+:

  • Don't use Game object and any game types before onInit.

  • Don't use GetMod() before onInit.

  • Don't pass excessive params to game functions. If the max number of params is 3, then passing 4 params will result in an error.

  • Update Observe() / Override() handlers so they accept self as the first param. Previously, some observers lacked the self param:

Observe("PlayerPuppet", "OnAction", function(self, action)
    -- First param self is required now
  • If your mod stores player reference then unset it when game session ends.

    • An unreleased reference can lead to bugs such as disappearing footsteps.

    • Accessing Game.GetPlayer() in onUpdate will not cause the issue.

    • This can be achieved using next snippet or with GameSession / GameUI libs:

Observe("QuestTrackerGameController", "OnUninitialize", function()
    if Game.GetPlayer() == nil then
        Mod.Player = nil -- var containing a reference to the player 
  • Use corresponding getters for game systems instead of GetSingleton(). For example, Game.GetTeleportationFacility() instead of GetSingleton('gameTeleportationFacility').

New Script API

New scripting capabilities were introduced in CET 1.14 to make it more convenient and simple:

  • All game classes are directly accessible by name. For example, entEntityId, PlayerPuppet.

  • All game enums are directly accessible by name. For example, gamedataStatType.BaseDamage, gameGameVersion.Current.

  • Classes can also be accessed by their aliases from redscript. For example, WeaponObject instead of gameweaponObject.

  • Classes have the conventional .new() constructor. For example, MappinData.new().

  • A constructor can take an array of properties to create and initialize an object in a single statement. For example, EntityID.new({ hash = 12345 }).

  • Static methods are accessible from classes using the dot. For example, ScriptedPuppet.IsDefeated(npc).

  • A static method can be called from an instance if the first parameter is of the same type. For example, vec4:Length() instead of Vector4.Length(vec4).

  • The overloaded function is resolved based on passed parameters when called by its short name. For example, StatusEffectHelper.HasStatusEffect(target, gamedataStatusEffectType.Overheat).

  • Partial Variant type support. ToVariant() and FromVariant() are only applicable to classes.

Backward Compatibility

All new scripting features are optional. You're not required to rewrite an existing mod using these features.

Redscript Similarity

The new API allows code that is also valid redscript or very close to its redscript counterpart. Thus, it simplifies the research and the transition to / from the redscript.

For example, this line looks exactly the same in Lua and in the redscript:

RPGManager.CreateStatModifier(gamedataStatType.BaseDamage, gameStatModifierType.Additive, 50)


Constructing objects

Old API:

local mappinData = NewObject("gamemappinsMappinData")
mappinData.mappinType = TweakDBID.new("Mappins.DefaultStaticMappin")
mappinData.variant = Enum.new("gamedataMappinVariant", "FastTravelVariant")
mappinData.visibleThroughWalls = true

New API:

local mappinData = MappinData.new()
mappinData.mappinType = "Mappins.DefaultStaticMappin"
mappinData.variant = gamedataMappinVariant.FastTravelVariant
mappinData.visibleThroughWalls = true

Constructor with initialization

Old API:

function getStash()
    local stashId = NewObject("entEntityID")
    stashId.hash = 16570246047455160070ULL

    return Game.FindEntityByID(stashId)

New API:

function getStash()
    return Game.FindEntityByID(EntityID.new({ hash = 16570246047455160070ULL }))

Scripted static call

Old API:

Game["PreventionSystem::ShowMessage;GameInstanceStringFloat"]("Message", 5.0)

New API:

PreventionSystem.ShowMessage("Message", 5.0)

Shorthand static call

Old API:

Observe("PlayerPuppet", "OnAction", function(action)
    -- Option 1 --
    -- Option 2 --

New API:

Observe("PlayerPuppet", "OnAction", function(action)
    -- Option 1 --
    -- Option 2 --

Working with enums

Old API:

print(Enum.new('gameGameVersion', 'Current') == Enum.new('gameGameVersion', 'CP77_GoldMaster'))
print(Enum.new('gameGameVersion', 'Current') == Enum.new('gameGameVersion', 'CP77_Patch_1_2_Hotfix2'))

New API:

print(gameGameVersion.Current == gameGameVersion.CP77_GoldMaster)
print(gameGameVersion.Current == gameGameVersion.CP77_Patch_1_2_Hotfix2)


local message = SimpleScreenMessage.new()
message.message = "Test"
message.isShown = true

local blackboardDefs = Game.GetAllBlackboardDefs()
local blackboardUI = Game.GetBlackboardSystem():Get(blackboardDefs.UI_Notifications)

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