How to use the Cyber Engine Tweaks Overlay.

What is the Overlay?

The Cyber Engine Tweaks (CET) Overlay is the interface of CET. Currently, it contains three tabs: Console, Hotkeys, and Settings.

How to open the Overlay?

Upon the installation of CET, the overlay will appear automatically when you launch the game. You need to assign a hotkey to it before you can move on:
  1. 1.
    Press the NOT BOUND button behind Overlay Key:.
  2. 2.
    Press a key or a key combination on your keyboard after the button becomes BINDING... to bind it.
  3. 3.
    Now the hotkey has bound, you can press that key anytime to open/close the Overlay.
Asign a key for opening/closing the Overlay


The console tab is where you type commands to use cheats and other useful functions.

What the buttons and checkboxes do in the Console tab:

Clear Input
By checking this box, the commands you typed will also be cleared when you press the Clear Output button.
Clear Output
Clear the output log displayed in the console.
Scroll Output
Will automatically scroll to the bottom when there is a new output log.
Disable Game Log
Hide the game logs, which are produced by the game, from the console.
Reload All Mods
Reload all installed mods.

How to use the Console

The console uses Lua script language, you may want to look up how to use it before proceeding.
There are some guides here to get you started:


The Hotkeys tab is where you manage all the hotkeys of the mods you installed.
CET does not allow mods to define default hotkeys. Thus, every time you install a new mod, you need to bind a hotkey for it, if it requires one.
  • Binding hotkeys for a mod is the same as how you bind the hotkey for the CET Overlay.
  • You can unbind a hotkey by pressing the UNBIND button behind it.
  • To save the changes, press the Save button.
  • Undefined hotkeys appear in red text. Unsaved changes appear in yellow text.
Bind/unbind hotkeys for mods

If you have encountered troubles when using a mod, please read this FAQ page:


The Settings tab is where you change the Overlay open/close hotkey, and toggle the tweaks to Cyberpunk2077's game engine.
You can find what each option does on this page: