Frequently asked questions about Cyber Engine Tweaks based mods.


  1. "mod" or "mods" on this page refers to mods that are dependent on Cyber Engine Tweaks.

  2. Cyber Engine Tweaks will be referred to as CET from now on.

I've installed this mod but nothing happens.

  1. Make sure that CET works fine without any mods installed.

  2. Make sure the mod that you are installing is compatible with the latest CET.

I've made sure the above are true but the mod still won't function.

You need to bind a hotkey in the Hotkeys tab of the CET overlay. Check how-to here.

I've bound the hotkeys but the hotkeys do nothing when I press it.

The hotkeys only work when the CET overlay is closed.

I've bound the hotkey and I've closed the CET overlay but still, nothing happens.

You need to press the hotkey combination in the right order. For example Ctrl + Shift + S is different from Shift + Ctrl + S

I bound the hotkeys and the interface opens but I can't do anything there. There's no cursor in the window.

You need to open the CET overlay to interact with anything using your mouse.

This mod supports different languages, but when I change the language every character becomes a ? (question mark).

You need to change the default font of CET in order for the characters to show properly. You can follow this guide here.

How do I open .7z .rar .zip files?

Click here for the ultimate guide.

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