A collection of helpful links and resources

  • Decompiled game scripts: These are the game's scripts decompiled to redscript. Extremely useful for understanding how functions work under the hood, game systems and classes interact with each other and what classes and functions are available. For more information on how to transpile redscript code to .lua code, read up on the Scripting API. Works best if downloaded and opened in some IDE like VSCode that lets you search across all files at once.

  • cp2077-cet-kit: psiberx's github repository with helper functions and scripts

  • NativeDB: This is a database containing all the classes and their functions, their relation to each other, their functions, attributes and all the Enum's. Very useful for quickly looking up what functions a class offers and what parameters it takes. Also helpful for understanding which classes inherit from which. Nativedb has more types than decompiled scripts.

  • CET Kit: A collection of utility scripts, for tracking game states (In Game etc.), setting up timers and timed actions, storing data per game save and more.

  • Official CET Examples: A collection of small example mods, such as controlling NPC AI, working with map pins, reading player inputs and more.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 Explorer: Visual overview of the game's classes and structure. Very helpful for understanding the higher level structure.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Community: Discord server with multiple CET related channels, lots of more resources and snippets (Discord search is your best friend)

  • Simple Gameplay Mod Tutorial: An extensive tutorial covering how to work with the TweakDB, create a CET mod, override and observe functions and use redscript.

  • LUA code playground: An online sandbox to familiarize yourself with LUA and test some code without having to launch Cyberpunk with CET. Note that any CET/Game functions won't work in it.

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