Teleportation Locations

A list of useful teleportation coordinates if you want to explore certain areas in the game that are only accessible during missions.

When teleporting to otherwise inaccessible areas, you may not be able to exit these locations naturally. It is recommended that you log your location before teleporting so that you can teleport back after exploring said areas.

Use the following command to print your current coordinates before teleporting.


It will output a value similar to the below. Save this in Notepad etc.

-2382.430176 -610.183594 12.673874 1.000000

To return to your original location: Delete the last parameter "1.00000" and add commas between the three previous values for a valid teleportation coordinate. Example:

Game.TeleportPlayerToPosition(-2382.430176, -610.183594, 12.673874)

The above command doesn't work at the moment, for teleportation use the command at the end of page


This is an evolving list. Not all locations are included here.

How to Use

Game.GetTeleportationFacility():Teleport(GetPlayer(), ToVector4{x=, y=, z=, w=1}, ToEulerAngles{roll=0, pitch=0, yaw=45})


Game.GetTeleportationFacility():Teleport(GetPlayer(), ToVector4{x=-1442.981689, y=139.817459, z=141.996506, w=1}, ToEulerAngles{roll=0, pitch=0, yaw=45})

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