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Debug Protocol

The game has a debug protocol which can be instantiated by running the game with the "-net" commandline parameter. This lets you interact with the game with other programs.
The address of this socket is http://localhost:37010/. It even has an unfinished https debug page but since it isn't finished it can't really be used for anything:
Debug page
The debug protocol has some various features some of which is utilized in script studio:
  • Reload
    • This will recompile and reload all scripts. self.w3net.send(Request().utf8("scripts").utf8("reload").end())
  • Modlist
    • This returns the list of installed mods. self.w3net.send(Request().pkglist().end())
  • Rootpath
    • This returns the rooth path of the game. self.w3net.send(Request().sc_root_path().end())
  • Execute(command)
    • This will execute "command" as if you would input it into the console. self.w3net.send(Request().remote(cmd).end())
  • Opcode(self, funcname, classname=None)
    • This will return the opcodes for "funcname". self.w3net.send(Request().opcode(funcname, classname).end())
  • Varlist(self, section="", name="")
    • Searches for config variables. self.w3net.send(Request().varlist(section, name).end())
  • UnfilteredLocals(self, value)
    • Enables/disables the filtering of the list of locals received from the game self.w3net.send(Request().sd_unfiltered_locals(value).end())