Command Reference


Analyze game and engine data and output cook lists


  • analyze -out [optional params]

Avaiable analyzers:

  • world - Analyzes (hierarchicly) the world files

  • r4res - Analyze resources from the R4 game

  • r4items - Analyze items from the R4 game

  • r4game - Analyze game resource from the R4 game definition file (but not worlds)

  • r4common - Analyze game common resources

  • r4gui - Analyze related to R4 gui

  • r4startup - Analyze game & engine startup resources

  • r4dlc - Analyze DLC directory from the R4 game


Split cache file into multiple files


  • splitcache -file= -db= -outdir=


  • - what kind of cache you want to split (physics, texture, etc)

  • -file= - input cache file

  • -db= - path to the cook.db file to use as a reference

  • -outdir= - where to place output caches

  • -strip - remove data from non cooked files

  • -fallback= - use custom fallback chunk name


Reports file usage and chunk distribution of a given cook database.


  • reportchunks -db= -out=


  • -showall - Outputs exhaustive report (default).

  • -showsumary - Outputs global statistics.

  • -showextensions - Outputs extension/chunk statistics.

  • -showfilechunks - Outputs file/chunk statistics (slow!).

  • -showchunkfiles - Outputs the list of files in each chunk (slow!).


Dumps info for bundled files.


  • dumpbundleinfo -indir= -outpath=

  • -indir= - Directory with the bundles (recursive).

  • -infile= - Absolute path to input bundle (multiple can be specified).

  • -outfile= - Absolute path to output text file.


Dump data from compiled scripts


  • dumpscripts -file= -out=

Exclusive options:

  • -file= - Input file (compiled script binary)

  • -out= - Output report file


Export single assets from the engine

Usage: export -depot= -file= -out=

  • Params:

    • -depot=local - Use local depot (r4data)

    • -depot=absolutepath - Use depot at given directory

    • -file=relativepath - Local (depot) path for the file to export

    • -out=absolutepath - Output absolute path for the exported file

    • -fbx=fbxversion - (Optional) Specify output FBX version - 2016, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009

  • Supported resource types and formats:

    • w2mesh (Mesh) exportable into 5 file format(s):

      • fbx: Autodesk fbx 2016

      • fbx: Autodesk fbx 2013

      • fbx: Autodesk fbx 2011

      • fbx: Autodesk fbx 2010

      • fbx: Autodesk fbx 2009

    • xbm (2D Texture) exportable into 5 file format(s):

      • dds: DirectDraw Surface

      • bmp: Windows Bitmap

      • jpg: Joint Photographics Experts Group

      • tga: Truevision Targa

      • png: Portable Network Graphics


Glues files into optimal files



Glues files into optimal files



Import assets into the engine


  • import -depot= -file= -out=

  • Params:

    • -depot=local - Use local depot (r4data)

    • -depot=absolutepath - Use depot at given directory

    • -file=inputfile - Absolute path to file to import

    • -out=outputfile - Relative (depot) path for the output file

    • -texturegroup=nameofgroup - (Optional) Name of texture group when importing texture

  • Supported texture group names:

    • BillboardAtlas

    • CharacterDiffuse

    • CharacterDiffuseWithAlpha

    • CharacterEmissive

    • CharacterNormal

    • CharacterNormalHQ

    • CharacterNormalmapGloss

    • Default

    • DetailNormalMap

    • DiffuseNoMips

    • Flares

    • FoliageDiffuse

    • Font

    • GUIWithAlpha

    • GUIWithoutAlpha

    • HeadDiffuse

    • HeadDiffuseWithAlpha

    • HeadEmissive

    • HeadNormal

    • HeadNormalHQ

    • MimicDecalsNormal

    • NormalmapGloss

    • NormalsNoMips

    • Particles

    • ParticlesWithoutAlpha

    • PostFxMap

    • QualityColor

    • QualityOneChannel

    • QualityTwoChannels

    • SpecialQuestDiffuse

    • SpecialQuestNormal

    • SystemNoMips

    • TerrainDiffuse

    • TerrainNormal

    • WorldDiffuse

    • WorldDiffuseWithAlpha

    • WorldEmissive

    • WorldNormal

    • WorldNormalHQ

    • WorldSpecular

  • Supported resource types and formats:

    • xbm (2D Texture) importable from 5 file format(s):

      • dds: DirectDraw Surface

      • bmp: Windows Bitmap

      • jpg: Joint Photographics Experts Group

      • tga: Truevision Targa

      • png: Portable Network Graphics

    • w2mesh (Mesh) importable from 2 file format(s):

      • re: Red Engine File

      • fbx: Autodesk FBX


Attempts to load all resources to check for errors.


Validate resources


  • validate [-db= -file= -all] -outdir=

  • Exclusive options:

    • -db= - Validate files from given cook

    • -file= - Validate single file

    • -all - Validate all files in depot (not recommended)


Save Dialog Lines


  • get_txts [-db=] -outdir= [-lang=]

    • Exclusive options:

  • -db= - Validate files from given cook


Dump file content (objects)


  • dumpfile -file= -dir= -out=

    • Parameters:

    • -dir= - dump the whole directory (recursive)

    • -file= - depot path to the file

    • -out= - absolute path to the output file

    • -exclude= - exclude given file extensions


Optimize (resort) collision cache


  • optimizecollisioncache -file= -out=


Generalized commandlet for creating differential patches for specified type of content.


  • patch -base=path -current=path|-mod=path [-name=packagename] -outdir=path

    • Content types:

  • "bundles" MODS + PATCH

  • "shaders" PATCH ONLY

  • "staticshaders" PATCH ONLY

  • "furshaders" PATCH ONLY

  • "speeches" PATCH ONLY

  • "strings" PATCH ONLY

  • "physics" PATCH ONLY

  • "sounds" PATCH ONLY

  • "specialcases" PATCH ONLY

  • "textures" MODS + PATCH

    • Required parameters:

  • -base=path - Path to the base build (GoldMaster)

  • -current=path - (pro) Path to the current build (latest cook)

  • -mod=path - Path to the cooked mod directory

  • -path=path - Output directory where the patched content will be dumped.

  • -name=name - Output using custom directory name.

    Note: you can use -mod OR -current params


Extracts a list of character templates from cook.db


  • r4characters -db= -out=


Extracts a list of character templates from cook.db


  • r4characters -db= -out=


Unbundle the files


  • unbundle -dir= -outdir=

    • Parameters:

  • -dir= - directory with the bundles (recursive)

  • -outdir= - absolute path to output directory

  • -json= - optional bundles.json dump (for repacking)


Dumps the charset used in a given strings file (*.w3strings).


  • dumpcharset -instringsfile= -outcharsetfile= [options]

    • -instringsfile - Path to the input strings file.

    • -outcharsetfile - Path to the out charset file (if not given, default is used).

    • Options:

  • -outentriesfile= - Dumps all string entries into filepath. Only in single file mode.

  • -directory= - Path to base directory for recursive dump. Used with targetlanguage.

  • -language= - Target language for recursive dump. Used with targetlanguage.


Uncooks resources from a given bundle set.


  • uncook -indir= -outdir= [options]

    • -indir - Path to the bundled directory.

    • -outdir - Path to the unbundled directory.

    • Options:

  • -infile= - Path to bundle file.

  • -skiperrors - Upon failure, skips to the next file.

  • -targetdir= - Relative inner path to be extracted.

  • -targetfile= - Relative inner file path to be extracted.

  • -unbundleonly - Unbundles data without uncooking it.

  • -uncookonly - Assumes data in unbundledir is unbundled already.

  • -uncookext=<...> - Comma delineated list of file extensions to uncook. If options missing will uncook all av

  • -imgfmt= - Image format for XBM files. Choose one of bmp, png, jpg, or tga. Default is tga.

  • -dumpswf - Dump redswf files out.


Create USMs


Creates the .dep files Creates the .dep files needed for the database creation used by the Database Viewer.


Build data cache from cooked assets


  • buildcache -db -out [optional params]

    • Avaiable cache builders:

  • physics - Compile collision data for physics

  • shaders - Compile shaders for used materials

  • textures - Compressed textures

    • Additional options:

  • -modulo=N - Process every Nth file

  • -offset=X - Initial offset for processing (use only with -modulo)

  • -db= - Path to cook.db

  • -out= - Path to output cache file


Generates a file for the specified directory


Build dependency cache file


  • dependencies -out= -report= [-db=]

    • Arguments:

  • out= - Save dependency cache to file

  • report= - Generate dependency report in given directory

  • db= - Use dependencies in cook.db file instead of full depot


Build final bundle lists


  • exportbundles -db=[cookerdb] -seed=[seedfiles] -spatial=[seedfiles] -out=[outputfile]

    • Params:

  • -db= - Cooker data base file

  • -seed= - Initial list of seed files

  • -spatial= - Additional list of seed files that represent spatial configuration (they override the existing bundles)

  • -out= - Absolute path to the final output file (JSON bundle list)

  • -split= - Split bundles into chunks using given split file

  • -extrafast - Use fast compression for bunles (much faster, larged output bundles)


Check file versions


  • filever [-ext=extensionlist] [-file=file] [-min=version] [-verbose] [-histogram]

    • Optional parameters:

  • -ext - Check only files with give extensions

  • -file - Check only given files

  • -min - Treat any file with version lower than given number as error

  • -verbose - Print all invalid files

  • -histogram - Print version histogram


Cook file lists, generate cooked data and bundle files for packing


  • cook

    • Platform:

  • null - Dummy cooker output (only cook.db)

  • resave - Resave assets (no cooking, PC only)

  • pc - 64-bit PC

  • ps4 - PlayStation 4

  • xb1 - XBoxOne

    • Options:

  • -platform= - Select target platform (required)

  • -outdir= - Sepcify output directory (required)

  • -seed= - Input seed file (required)

  • -file= - Manual depot file for cooking

  • -noerrors - Allow cooking errors

  • -noasserts - Allow asserts

  • -silent - No output

  • -ignore= - Ignore files with given extension

  • -stringids= - Capture and save all cooked string ID's

  • -stringkeys= - Capture and save all cooked string key's

  • -excludedir= - Don't cook resources from one directory

  • -trimdir= - Cook resources only from one directory

  • -trimedfiles= - List of trimmed files from cook

  • -additionalDB=- Cook.db file to check if it containes trimmed files


Saves quest layout for use in external QuestDebugger.


  • wcc questlayoutdump -quest quest_path -out dump_path


Packs file from given directory into a bundle


  • pack -dir= -outdir= [-compression=LZ4|LZ4HC|ZLIB]

  • -dir = Input directory to pack

  • -outdir = Output directory with bundles (note: bundles bigger than 4GB are split)

  • -compression = Compression type to use (default: LZ4HC)


Export spatial resource usage information from a given world


  • resourceusage -world= -out= [options]

    • Options:

  • -world= - Specifies path to the world file (required)

  • -out= - Sepcifies path to the output file (required)

  • -noerrors - Allow cooking errors

  • -noasserts - Allow asserts

  • -silent - No output


Don't ask


wcc cooksubs font_path subtitles_path subtitles_path needs to be ucs-2 little endian because of our engine the output file is utf8...


No operation


wcc cooksounds output_dir sound_resource_dir platforms


Split the files into content buckets

  • Required usage:

    • split -db= [-seed=]* -out=

  • Arguments:

    • -db= - Path to the cook.db file

    • -seed= - Path to the a seed file (multiple files supported)

    • -out= - Output file name

    • -fallback= - Specify custom fallback chunk for unassigned resources


Packs a world directories into a single dzip for faster loading and deployment on consoles.

Creates streaming installer data for use by the game. Supported cooking platforms: PS4. Use: wcc package (ps4|orbis) app [ps4 app options]

  • ps4 app options:

    • -t= | --tempdir= -- temp directory. Optional

    • -i= | --indir= -- absolute path to final deliverable. E.g., z:\Build_109641Change_652889\PS4

    • -o= | --outdir= -- absolute path where to create gp4, pkg and iso

    • -l= | --langdir= -- absolute path to the language definitions. E.g., z:\dev\PublisherSpecific\R4\InternalDevelopment\PS4\language | --langs=[language list]> -- comma separated list of game languages to support. E.g., en,pl | --dftlang=[language] -- default game langauge. Must also be listed in the languages option. E.g., en


Splits strings and speech files for a given language based on JSON descriptor.


  • splitstrings [-dlc] -splitfile= -idsfile= -keysfile= -indir= -outdir=

    • -dlc - Run in the DLC mode (no per-chunk splitting)

    • -splitfile - Path to the split file (mapping resources to chunks, not required in DLC mode).

    • -idsfile - Path to the ids file (mapping resources to string ID's).

    • -keysfile - Path to the keys file [optional](mapping resources to string Key's).

    • -indir - Path to the directory where the language files reside.

    • -outdir - Path to the directory where the split files will reside.

    • Options:

  • -dostrings - Split strings only (everything is done by default).

  • -dospeech - Split speech only (everything is done by default).

  • -language - Add language to the splitting plan (default is 'en').

  • -platform - Add platform to the splitting plan (default is 'pc').

  • -allincontent0 - Merges all chunks into content0 (debug option).

  • -allinsamefolder - Outputs all files in the same folder (debug option).


Dump SWF stuff Dumps SWF resources. Use wcc swfdump [out directory]


Bulk import resources preserving directory structure Imports resources. Use wcc import [option1 value1 [option2 value2 [...]]]

  • Options:

    • fromAbsPath -- absolute path to scan inside

    • toDepotPath -- depot path to import to


Resaves resources and optionally submits the changes into P4.


  • resave -tmpdir= [options]

    • -tmpdir - Absolute path to temporary folder.

    • Options:

  • -path= - Base directory path to scan (full depot resave if not specified).

  • -ext= - Comma-separated list of extensions to scan for (full resave if not specified).

  • -nosourcecontrol - Disables version control (local resave).

  • -ignorefileversion - Resave even if files are latest version.

  • -forcestreamingsetup - Force reset and setup of streaming in world and layers (dangerous!).

  • -cl= - Add resaved files into the given changelist (when enabled).

  • -submitwhenfinished - Enables CL submit when finished (disabled by default).

  • -discardunchangeddata - Discards files for which data has not changed (disabled by default, potentially slow).

  • -customresave - Resaves only the given list of files.

    • Version control options:

    • -p4user=username -- username for Perforce

    • -p4client=client -- client (workspace) for Perforce

    • -p4host=host -- hostname for Perforce

    • -p4password=password -- password for Perforce

    • -p4port=port -- port for Perforce


Cooks materials Use: wcc cookmaterials PLATFORM (-static) (-fastfx) (-allmaterials) (-material=[path]) (-resaveCRC) (-fur[=paths]) here should be the description of all the parameters.. ..meanwhile you can go and ask the engine team


Generate occlusion for given worlds


wcc cookocclusion -world=pathToWorldFileN [-smallesOccluder=..] [-smallestHole=..] [-tileSize=..] [-xMin=..] [-xMax=..] [-yMin=..] [-yMax=..]


Calculate required memory for runtime occlusion data for the level Use: wcc calculateRuntimeOcclusionMemory [-density=..] -world=pathToWorldFile


Find duplicate geometry for the level Use: wcc findDuplicates -world=pathToWorldFile [-output=file]


Generate navigation data for given world Use: wcc pathlib rootSearchDir filePattern


Cooks strings and speech database, given a list of languages and platforms.


  • cookstrings -languages= -platforms=

    • out_dir - Path to the directory where the caches will be stored.

    • source_dir - Path to the base directory where speech data resides.

    • db_string_view - SQL query.

    • languages - List of languages to cook.

    • platforms - List of platforms to cook for.

  • Options:

    • -skipspeech - Cooks only strings.


Test asynchrnous collision cache access Usage: testcollisioncache -file=


Test of wcc Simply tests wcc.


Test memory framework, streaming, GC and resource management stability


  • testmem [params]

    • Params:

  • -world Path to the w2w file to load

  • -numiter Number of test iterations

  • -numpoints Number of test points

  • -extents Extents (around origin) to test


Convert voiceover files from .wav to .ogg Use: wcc voconvert wwise_bin_dir voiceivers_source_dir platform languages (pc en ...)

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