Crowds: random NPCs

Crowd generation, and how to influence it

Inside the communityTemplate, this file defines appearances for crowd pools:

How can I find a specific file?

You can use Find Files Using This from the context menu of the corresponding .app or .ent file and follow the daisy chain until you find the .community file.

(as of October 02 2032, this is still broken)

Is there another way?

As of 8., Wolvenkit only lets you search for files, not in them. For that reason, we'll have to use a workaround.

I have completed step 1 -3 for you and put the results on my Mega.

  1. Delete the original .community files (you'll re-add them later)

  2. Use Notepad++ to search inside the directory for your appearance name

    • If nothing shows up, try partial matches

  3. Note the names of the files under .raw

  4. search for the file name in Wolvenkit, then add it back and make your edits

How can I change a spawn?

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