This page contains documentation for the most common component types. WIP.

Documented Components

See the Comprehensive Component Hierarchy List for all possible components used in the game, organized by hierachy. Use for researching and documenting components.

For a json dump of all existing components and their properties, check DrPresto's github repository.

For a hands-on guide on how to safely change components in .app files, look here.

Components are not a file type but an internal data structure and part of .ent or .app files.

Components are how the game adds anything to the in-game world, from pag3d data over player interaction prompts to explosion sounds. Entities and Appearances use components in order to slim down what data each game object has to carry, adding or removing them as needed.

Component names

In general, these should be globally unique so you can target them via partsOverrides. Feel free to ignore this (almost everyone else does), but do read the next section.

Body and clothing component prefixes

Body component prefixes affect how the game calculates garment support and you're strongly encouraged to stick to those naming conventions to make use of it. Please see the corresponding wiki page for a list.

Component Properties

Common component properties explained. For a more detailed list, please see Documented Components.


Only used for mesh components.

For documentation of this, see the ChunkMasks section on Submeshes, Materials and Chunks.


Relative path to a resource within the game files. Used to load dependencies โ€” meshes, rigs, animations, effects.

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