Scaling Poses/Animations

I noticed Photo Mode V is huge, and sometimes, specific pose packs have different character scaling. For example, the MascV in MrsFlowerโ€™s MascV idle pose pack is smaller than the MascV in my MascV Joytoys and MascV Yorinobu pose packs. With the enabling of Holopointz, I was able to figure out why this occurs and how to โ€œadjustโ€ the scaling.

This guide is mainly a supplement to xBaebsaeโ€™s tutorials and resources. This guide allows you to scale armatures as desired for your VP, personal, etc., needs when you make pose packs and/or animations. This is TPP only.

NOTE: Retargeting poses and/or animations will adjust the scale. So a retargeted Fem V pose will make the Masc V pose a bit smaller and vice versa.

If anyone figures out a more efficient way to do this, please do not hesitate to contact me and improve on this knowledge.


Open up your template of choice. There is also a multiple armature template if you want to make shippy or choomy poses, and I will use it for this tutorial.


Select your desired armature and go into Object Mode. The armature bones should turn orange.



Go to the right-hand side of the screen while your armature of choice is selected, and go into the Items tab. It should look like this.


There are several ways to do this. Please remember that X moves side-to-side and will make the armature wide or narrow, Y moves front-to-back, and Z moves up or down, making the armature taller or shorter. You can do this via the Dimensions tab, but you can also adjust as needed in the Scale tab. I think the Scale tab gives better results.

Letโ€™s say we want to make FemV taller than MascV at around the same โ€œheightโ€ as Man Big. I put in some values below.


Now that you have your scale to your preference, you need to apply it. Hit Ctrl + A and select scale, or your changes will not be applied! Your armature will remain the default size when you import!

After you hit Ctrl + A and apply the scale, the armature will change appropriately. Ta-da! Import your pose, and this is what you will see in-game.

If you look closely, the armature has changed proportions from when the scale was applied.

If you did not get your desired result or created a curse, hit CTRL + Z and keep adjusting the values, and apply as needed. This may need to take some trial and error. :)

Please remember, you NEED to CTRL + S + Scale!


Have fun! I hope this inspires a lot of awesome poses, especially shippy ones. You also have the power to create some hysterical curses, as seen below.


xBae for pose templates.

Holopointz, for enabling me to screw around.

Manavortex, for being patient with my skill issues adding to the wiki.

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