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How does MLSB's tag browser work?

In 1.6.8, the MLSetupBuilder library has been completely overhauled. This page will tell you how to find things there.

The model browser of 1.6.7 has been transformed from a tree with sub-branches into a table with many capability. One of those capability is tags filtering.

How does this work?

If you don't care for the theory, skip directly to How do i start using tags filters ?

Filtering will only consider an item's name, but not its visual appearance:

Tags are displayed to the right, but are written text-like in the Database. Every keyword is divided from the other with a space. As the caption says, the selected line tags is written like : base man massive head

Why is this important ?

It is important because there are some rules to this syntax that will help you atomize the search of one model into the 40K+ models paths stored in the Database. The most important rule is that every model starts with :

  • base - for Vanilla Cyberpunk 2077 models

  • PL - for Phantom Liberty ONLY models

How do i start using tags filters ?

In the Models Library panel, click on the tags filter button in the header of the table


Let's say we wanna search only in the models of the Phantom Liberty expansion for man models. We will add a first condition specifying in the options that our tags Starts with the word PL

Then we can click on Add Condition and specify that the tags need to Contains the word man with a space before the word man The space is NEEDED since the also the keyword woman contain the word man

You will see that for every condition you add, the datas will be filtered in realtime. You can remove and add tags filtering condition as you like. Clicking to the little x in the right upper corner of the tags filtering panel you can toggle the panel and access the list you got.

You can combine the tags filtering with the basic search field in the table interface to find what you need.

The basic search field search model by their path in the archives, this means that ALL the part of the path can match a text filter like that.

List of the actual TAGS used with Tags System

  • base

  • PL

  • player

  • man

  • woman

  • child

  • big

  • fat

  • massive

  • animals

  • gloves

  • arms

  • head

  • item

  • legs

  • shoes

  • torso

  • vehicle

  • mechanical

  • weapons

  • firearms

  • melee

  • explosives

  • environment

Details about the keyworks:

  • player identify all those materials that by model name are for sure assigned to the game player

  • animal identify the models related to the Animals Gang member body size

A more complex example

Tag filtering ca be combined with the default path search to display only legs models related in this case to jeans

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