Your own Atelier Store

How to set up an atelier store for your mod

This guide will detail how to add an Atelier store with your items. It is part of the Adding new items ArchiveXL tutorial, but you can complete these steps independently.

Wait, this is not what I want!


You need to install the VirtualAtelier mod for this.

You also have to add it to your mod's requirements, as atelier stores will cause script errors if users don't have it installed.

Generating an icon

First of all, download the template archive (kindly provided by Apart) and find the folder virtual_atelier_inkatlas_icon_template with the following files:

atelier_icon_template.inkatlas                        << map for the game  
atelier_icon_template.png                             << 200x200px image for a final slot  
atelier_icon_template.xbm                             << game texture  
virtual_atelier_png_to_xbm_import_settings.png        << image, also embedded here  

Put the .inkatlas and .xbm into your project (if you're using the example project, you can put them into the ops folder). Then, rename them to atelier_icon:

      	- my_shirt_factory.csv  
      	- translation_strings.json  
      	- preview_icons.inkatlas       
      	- preview_icons.xbm            
      	- atelier_icon.inkatlas        <<<  
      	- atelier_icon.xbm             <<<  

Now, create your icon. The process is the same as for "preview images". The resulting slot will be named slot_01.

Creating the atelier file

Example store file (if you don't want to use the generator)
protected cb func RegisterYOURNAMESStore(event: ref<VirtualShopRegistration>) -> Bool {
    "Your Store Name",
	[ 1	],
	[ "Legendary" ]

  1. Visit this website and fill out the information:


Store ID (characters only, w/o spaces, '-', '_' and etc.)


Store Name

My Tutorial Atelier Store

Atlas Resource


Texture Part


  1. Now, add your item.

In atlasResource, you have to replace all \ with /

Your atelier store will cause script errors if you don't.

Here's an explanation for the fields below. Rather than filling them by hand, you should use this website to generate your store files.



as defined in your yaml, e.g.



Whatever price you want, 0 means that it's free


Are we settling for anything but legendary here? Allowed values are: - "IconicItem" - "Legendary" (LegendaryPlus, LegendaryPlusPlus) - "Epic" (EpicPlus) - "Rare" (RarePlus) - "Uncommon" (UncommonPlus) - "Common" (CommonPlus)

โ€‹ Ignore "Icon path" and "description", we have these in the item itself.

  1. Click "Add Item". Repeat the process with as many items as you want.

  2. Click "Generate".

In the downloaded file, check that atlasResource has forward slashes / instead of backwards slashes \, as per the warning box above.

Placing the atelier file

In your project's resources folder, create a subdirectory r6/scripts (if it doesn't exist already), and move the atelier file that you downloaded into there:

  - tutorial_my_custom_tshirt.archive.xl  
  - r6
    - tweaks
      - tutorial_my_custom_tshirt.yaml         
    - scripts
      - MyTutorialAtelierStore-atelier-store.reds         << new file

Now, it's time to test! Install the mod and start Cyberpunk.


My atelier store causes scripting errors!

I'm not sure how you managed to read past all the red and yellow boxes on this page, but make sure that the path under atlasResource has forward slashes / instead of backwards slashes \.

If that wasn't it, you might have to re-generate your Atelier store.

My atelier store makes the game crash!

That happens when there are two atelier stores with the same store ID. Do a full-text search for the store ID (MyTutorialAtelierStore) in r6\scripts and make sure that you don't have any duplicates.

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