How to import a custom tattoo replacer back into the game

This guide will show you how to install the custom tattoo replacer.

This guide was originally written by Halk and imported with their permission. You can find the original here.

This is just to import a custom tattoo into the game, in order to actually make your tattoo, you can use and follow the Night City Tattoos guide on Nexus as it’s still pretty relevant and handy on how to make your first replacers.

This will help you from Step 6 and forward from NCT’s guide.

With WolvenKit

  1. Open WKit and create a new project, name it as you want your mod’s .archive to look like in the mod folder. Or not, I’m not your dad. Do not save your WKit projects in the Cyberpunk folder.

  1. Once everything is correctly set up, just click Install on the upper menu so it packs and installs your replacement to the game, then test it! (I am not sure if you need to do anything else to use it as a REDmod, but I don’t use REDmod so I won’t guarantee it works if you just use “Install as REDmod”.)

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