World Editing

Step by step guide on how to move or delete a object from the world of cyberpunk 2077.


Created by @Krat0es Published October 10 2022
This guide aims to teach you moving and deleting objects from the world.


Finding the required sector

  • first of all you will need your in-game player coordinates you can use print(GetPlayer():GetWorldPosition()) in the CET console to get them.
  • after that search for streaming block in the asset browser and open the block then click on sector preview
  • use the player cords to find the area you are looking for
veri nise
  • After finding the sector you need add it to your project then open it then click on sector preview again, from the menu on the right find the object you want to move or delete, click on the small red box to confirm if its the right object or not (you will see it disappear when you do that)
  • After finding the object you want to move or delete go back to the WorldStreamingSector tab then click on nodeData then find the object in the list (You can memorize where the node is from the sector preview menu) (edited)
  • after finding the object node in the list click on it to expand the node there you will find Postion, Orientation and scale
  • from there you may change the object coordinates (remember to save after making any changes)
  • you may right click the node then delete it like you see in this image (this will delete the object from the world)
Note: when you delete a object and you see a low res mesh in its place in the game that means the object has a proxy assigned you will have to find the sector the proxy is in and delete the proxy mesh. (you may do that following the same steps)