Legacy: Analysing other mods with Wolvenkit Console

Unbundling mods with CLI

This technique is outdated as of 2023. If you don't have a very good reason why you need Wolvenkit console, then you should stick to the GUI.


You need to download the WolvenKit.Console version for this, rather than the regular one.

  1. Optional, but recommended: Make sure that your downloaded .archive is inside a folder with no other items.

  2. Open WIndows Command (press Windows+R and type cmd, then press enter).

  3. Drag and drop WolvenKit.cli.exe into the command window

  4. Type a space

  5. Type unbundle -p

  6. Type another space

  7. Drag and drop the archive you downloaded into the command window.

You will now see something like

"C:/Path/to/Wolvenkit.cli.exe" unbundle -p "D:/Path/to/subdir/downloaded.archive"

If your paths contain spaces or special characters, make sure that they are surrounded by quotation marks as in the example above, or the command will fail.

If you press enter now, WolvenKit will unpack the archive, putting the contents into the same directory.

- Path
  - to
    - subdir
        - base

You can now copy the extracted folders to your WolvenKit project's archive folder.

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