Assets explained

What is an asset?

An asset is a specific, objectified concept in the game that can be highly detailed like a blade of grass, or larger like a building, or intangible like sound effects. Unity defines an asset as, "Shorthand for anything that goes into a video game โ€“ characters, objects, sound effects, maps, environments, etc." Every asset is defined in a set of normalized asset files that describe its relationship to the game, other assets, and itself.

The following list contains file formats that are used to compose visual assets such as vehicles and weapons.


3d models


2d textures

ENT (entity)

Parent file for most visual assets which is directly linked by the Tweak DB

APP (appearance)

Sets up appearances for assets such as NPCs and vehicles referenced by entity files

MT (material template)

Base shader files for REDengine

MI (material instance)

Instanced shaders for mesh materials

MLMASK (multilayered mask)

Mask component of the Multilayer supershader

MLSETUP (multilayered setup)

Material setup component of the Multilayer supershader

MLTEMPLATE (multilayered template)

Pre-defined tiling surface component of the Multilayer supershader

HP (hair profile)

Color ramp data to set colors for meshes using the hair shader

Visual Asset Graphs


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