Emissive Material Properties

Properties of emissive (glowing) materials: Let There Be Light


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This page documents glass shaders and their properties.

Emissive Material


You can make engine\materials\metal_base.remt glow by adding the correct parameters, or you can poke through the game files and search for emissive > .mi to find Cyberpunk material templates to learn from.

For a list of such templates, check here.


path to emissive texture, e.g. engine\textures\editor\white.xbm The texture works like an alpha mask.


float, e.g. 2.0: emissive brightness. Brightness varies depending on your colour. Unless you want to actively blind people, you might want to stay below 4.


Glow colour as RGB (copy from e.g. mi_neokitsch_fridge_z_emissive.mi)

Find a ready-to-use glowing .mi file here.


You can find the shader under base/fx/shaders/device_diode.mt

The properties need to be documented at some point

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