Breach Screen - Replacer

This tutorial will teach you how to replace your Cyberpunk 2077 Breaching Screen

Tools needed:

  • WolvenKit

  • RAD Video Tools

  • Your own custom video (bear in mind that the video file is limited to 10 seconds and it will play on a loop)

Convert your MP4 video file

Download and install RAD Video Tools (no special assistance with this as its straight forward)

  • Open RAD Video Tools and browse your video file that that will replace the Breach Screen

  • Select the video file and click Bink it!

  • Make sure to change the name of the file and the extension to splash_logo.bk2 and click Bink

  • After the conversion is done your newly created file will be next to your custom video

  • Click Done and you have your own video converted to bk2 format and ready to replace the original one

WolvenKit New Project

  • Open WolvenKit and create a new project

  • From right side of WolvenKit window select Asset Browser

  • Find splash_logo.bk2 in the following location:

  • Add that file to your Project and your project should look like this

  • Select splash_logo.bk2 and Open in Explorer (now you have the location where you are going to put the new video file that will replace the original one)

  • Copy your own converted video in this location and replace the original one

  • Close the Window and go back to WolvenKit and save you changes

  • Now you are ready to either Install the Mod or Pack it and use it later

Test and HYPE

If everything in this guide was followed step by step, you should now have your very own custom Breach Screen.

Congratulations, you are now a Modder !

Created by @DBK Published on April 2024

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