REDMod: Usage


REDmod is a command line tool developed by CDPR and Yigsoft which can be used to stage installed mods to work with a modded game.

This section is for managing mods with Redmod. For creating mods, see

Why would I want this?

REDmod preloads any mods on its list, loading them as if they were a part of the game's regular structure. Preloading requires the game to be started via launcher (or Vortex) and will add a short delay, but the loading times during gameplay will be much faster.

Why is that not the default?

  • Compatibility: Not all mods can be easily converted. Some outright break in the process.

  • Especially modders don't like the extra delay during startup

  • While the mods are precompiled, a console window will be visible. This scares many users.

Using Mods

The game loads redmods from this path: <Cyberpunk 2077>/mods/<name>.

EXAMPLE: REDMod: C:\GoG\Cyberpunk 2077\mods\<name>\archives\<name>.archive Legacy: C:\GoG\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\PC\mod\<name>.archive

Legacy archive mods in <Cyberpunk 2077>/archive/pc/mod are still supported, but their load order cannot be managed with REDmod.

Legacy mods will load before any redmods.

Before being able to play a modded game, you need to deploy your installed mods.

Then, you need to activate mods before starting the game.

How do I deploy?

You can handle deployment and load order with

  • the REDlauncher that comes with the game

  • Vortex Mod Manager from NexusMods

  • REDmod WolvenKit integration and manage your mods easily from within the WolvenKit Mod Manager

  • starting Cyberpunk with the parameter -modded

What is deployed?

Scripts: Compiled into a script blob

<Cyberpunk 2077>/mods//scripts

Tweaks: Compiled into a modded tweakDB

<Cyberpunk 2077>/mods//tweaks

Sound files

<Cyberpunk 2077>/mods//customSounds

Activating mods

GOG Galaxy

  • Open GOG - Cyberpunk 2077

  • Click Manage Installation -> Configure ...

  • Open the Features Tab

  • Select Enable mods

  • Click OK

  • Play the game

  • A window will open showing progress on mod deployment.

Steam and Epic

  • Navigate to Cyberpunk 2077

  • Click Play

  • Click the Settings button and Enable mods

  • Click Play (Do not skip this)

  • A window will open showing progress on mod deployment.

Conflicts and Load Order

Conflicts are handled on a per-file basis, but can be handled by specifying a specific load order. The rules here are the opposite of e.g. Skyrim: the first mod to change a file wins.


modA contains a script file Cyberpunk 2077\mods\modA\scripts\cyberpunk\player\player.script. modB contains a script file with the same name: Cyberpunk 2077\mods\modB\scripts\cyberpunk\player\player.script

This will discard all changes modB made, since by default, REDmod and the game loads mods alphabetically (modA overrides changes in modB).

However, you can specify a load order with REDmod, which the game will respect.


If a REDmod is giving you trouble, you can force a redeploy by either of the following means:

  1. Either of

    1. Delete the content of r6/cache/modded in your Cyberpunk directory or

    2. Uninstall the mod

    3. Start the game

    4. As soon as it launches, close the game again

    5. Reinstall the mod

  2. Now, restart the game. REDMod will rebuild the cache and hopefully fix your problem.

If that doesn't do it, you can consult the troubleshooting guide for advice.

Advanced Topics

Deploying Mods - Automatically

REDMod's redeploy is triggered on either of these changes:

  • mods change: You added or removed a mod

  • A mod's version changes: The version number in the info.json was changed.

  • A mod's files change: You added or removed archives

Deploying Mods - Manually

The REDmod deploy command stages installed mods to work when the game starts with the modded flag.

Deploying Mods - WolvenKit Integration

  • Open the WolvenKit Mod Manager.

  • Click the Deploy Mods button in the toolbar.

You will see all installed mods in your game. Enable the mods you would like to play with.

Handling Conflicts - Manually

You can specify a specific load order with the -mod parameter:

redmod deploy -root="C:\Gog\Cyberpunk 2077" -mod=modB,modA,modC

This will override changes to \cyberpunk\player\player.script that modA makes in favor of modB. It will also tell the game to load modB before modA and modC.

Handling Conflicts - WolvenKit integration

  • Open the WolvenKit Mod Manager.

  • Adjust the load order by dragging and dropping rows.

  • Click the Deploy Mods button.

You can adjust the load order by dragging and dropping the installed mods inside the mod manager.

When you click the Deploy Mods button, the current load order will be forwarded to redmod.exe and mods will be deployed and loaded in this order.

Starting a Modded Game - Manually

To start a modded game that loads mods deployed by REDmod use the -modded flag on Cyberpunk2077.exe


Cyberpunk2077.exe -modded

This however will skip the initialization process that should be done after any new REDmod mod install.

INFO The executable is located at <Cyberpunk 2077>\bin\x64\Cyberpunk2077.exe

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