๐Ÿ’ฐChanging vendor inventory

How to manipulate vendor inventories


Published: ??? by manavortex Last documented update: Jan 28 2024 by manavortex

To find a list of all vendor IDs, check Cheat Sheet: Vendor IDs

How to do this:

Adding items to vendors

Courtesy of Neurolinked and psiberx. For more context, read up on Discord.

Create the following tweak file (a yaml in r6/tweaks/your_optional_subfolder:

Vendors.pac_wwd_melee_01:                 # your vendor's tweak ID
  itemStock:                              # their inventory
    - !append { 
        item: Items.YourItemBaseId,       # your item's base ID
        quantity: [ Vendors.IsPresent ]   # how many of it?
    - !append { 
        item: Items.YourOtherItemBaseId, 
        quantity: [ Vendors.IsPresent ] 

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