External Community Guides: NPVs (V as NPC) - Custom NPCs

A subpage dedicated to custom NPCs

This page is dedicated to the process of creating custom NPCs via community guides and resources.

For the wiki version of this guide, see here.


Now to Create an NPVCreators

How to create an NPV (Google Docs) - resources on Google Drive - utility script for glb shapekeys on gist

Google Drive & Google Document

by NoraLee

(How to manually swap V over an NPC)

WolvenKit: Create an NPV Contains a section on facial animations

Google Document

by Silverlags

(How to implement part 4+ of NoraLee's guide in WolvenKit)

How to customize an NPV via Tweak XL

Guide on Personal Website

by xbaebsae

(How to add custom behaviour, equipment, and translation strings)

YouTube Video

by CyberVesna

Resources and Utilities

Now to Create an NPVCreators

Website: NoraLee's NPV picker

A (WIP) mapping between the character creator and appearance keys in the app/ent files

Resources on Personal Website

by NoraLee

Set up for use with NoraLee's glb files

(needs adjusting otherwise)

Resources on NexusMods

by xbaebsae

Other relevant guides on this wiki

Other information

The base head that's used for NPV can be found under


To export a head mesh with shape keys, you have to export the corresponding .morphtarget, e.g.


As these are not named in a human-readable way, you'll want to apply them via Blender script.

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