Community guides

This page holds a list of community guides all over the internet.

Modding guides

Legacy: Introduction (Google Docs, by Nim)
By now, this is outdated, but this document contains the first comprehensive introduction to CP2077 modding
by BeautiDuwanger#1637
Google Doc by Rosza#6193
By PinkyDude on tumblr
Guide on Nexus
Guide by Halvkyrie#4000
Guide by Тима (Teem)#3118
by PinkyDude
What it is, what it does, how to use
How to edit scripts (Redscript comparison)
How to install/replace animations

Rigging and animations

tumblr, by Pinkydude
youtube video by Hineytroll
youtube video by Raq#6517

AMM (Appearance Menu Mod)

tumblr, by Pinkydude
Not a guide, just a framework

Custom NPCs (NPVs)

create an NPV (resources on Google Drive)
How to manually swap V over an NPC, by NoraLee (Google Docs/Drive)
Addition to NoraLee's guide by nx#3390
tutorial by xbaebsae
YouTube video by Vesna [CyberVesna/Vesn4_]


by trala#5476 - ordered by animated actor
Google Doc with screenshots (Who made this? Would like to credit)

Scripting and quests

Jato's research wiki
github, Cyberscript


Guide on Nexus


Step-by-step guide for exporting to Blender
How to export parts of Night City
Youtube tutorial
Google Doc by nanarc


Google Drive, by nanarc#1301