Custom Loading Screens


Created & Published: Summer 2021 by @Pinkydude

What youโ€™ll need :

Iโ€™ll assume you already know some basic modding (extracting the files with the console or WKit etc)

First of youโ€™ll need to create your mod folder, it should look like this

This is where the Loading screen image are stocked, so go in that exact same folder in your Game Extracts!

Depending on the resolution youโ€™re using, youโ€™ll have to edit either the 4k files or the 4k_1080p files

I personally need the 4k files ; There is 13 loading screens in total, and youโ€™ll need the .tga .dds and .xbm files for each one, meaning 39 files in total in your mod folder

Now open Photoshop, and edit the .tga files with your screenshots!

Youโ€™ll notice that the loading pics are vertically swapped; be sure to also vertically swap your pics so that itโ€™ll look normal in game

Once youโ€™re done editing all 13 .tga files, you save them

We now open Noesis, and navigate to our mod folder

Youโ€™ll need to Right Click on your .tga files and select Export, and change the Main Output Type to .xbm

Click export, you should see a pop up window; simply click OK

Once youโ€™re done exporting all your 13 .tga files to .xbm, you can delete the .tga files from the mod folder (or keep them somewhere else! remember to put them back in the mod folder to export them if you do want to edit them later)

You should now have 52 files - the originals and your exported .xbm with โ€œoutโ€ at the end of the name. Delete the originals and rename your exported .xbm to take out the โ€œoutโ€ !

Then youโ€™re left with 26 files, it should look like that :

We now open CP77 Tools / Wolvenkit Console ! We need to rebuild the .xbm files

cp77tools import -p [PATH] โ€“keep

Pack your mod and test it!

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