Importing Animations

redmod import -gameRoot=<depot> -inputPath=<file> -animset=<resource-path> [options]



  -h, --help 


The import command imports an .re animation file into an existing .anims animation set file.

Optional parameters include specifying an existing animation name to rename inside the animset file (otherwise the filename of the .re animation file is used) or specifying a different output path (default is overwrite).

INFO - It is best to name .re animation correctly even if you replace an existing animation, because the imported animation will always have the filename of the .re file.


  • -gameRoot=<path>

    directory-path to the depot for animset and output (e.g. C:\modding\depot)

INFO - this is the base depot from which relative <resource-paths> are loaded

INFO - You need to have the .rig file used by the .anims animationset present in your depot path.

  • -inputPath=<file>

    absolute path to the animation .re file

  • -animset=<resource-path>

    resource .animset file to use

INFO - resource path must start with base\ (e.g. base\animations\npc\generic_characters\male_average\open_world\generic_male_average__stand__rh_cane_lh_cigar__01.anims)


  • -outputPath=<resource-path>

    resource .anims file name to write, default is to overwrite the input animset (resource path must start with base\)

  • -animationRename=<name>

    parameter representing the old name of animation to be replaced by the new animation (default is the filename of the .re animation file)

INFO - the imported animation will always have the filename of the .re file even if you specify the animationRename parameter.

  • -?|-h|--help

    Prints out a description of how to use the command.


  • redmod import -gameRoot="E:\modding\depot" -input="E:\raw files\animtest1\macarena_long (1).re" -animset=base\animations\npc\generic_characters\male_average\open_world\generic_male_average__stand__rh_cane_lh_cigar__01.anims -output=base\out\new_test.anims -animationRename=stand__rh_cane_lh_cigar__01__smoke__02"

    Imports the animation file E:\raw files\animtest1\macarena_long (1).re into the animset file E:\modding\depot\base\animations\npc\generic_characters\male_average\open_world\generic_male_average__stand__rh_cane_lh_cigar__01.anims and replaces the animation with the name stand__rh_cane_lh_cigar__01__smoke__02 with the name macarena_long (1). The result is saved to to E:\modding\depot\base\out\new_test.anims.

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