Effect components

EntSlotComponent and EntEffectSpawnerComponent


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This page will tell you how effect components work and how they interact with each other.

Wait, that's not what I want!

For an overview on existing effect materials, check FX Material Properties

For a guide on how to use effects, check AMM: Light Components

Effect component types

You will see two kinds of effect component types, which always occur in pairs.


Usually called fx_slots, this component allows you to place your effects in the world. It requires the definitions in the entEffectSpawnerComponent to work.

If you want the position of your effects to follow the movement of parts of the object you can set the boneName an existing bone of your object

In this case the relativePosition will be relative to the bone's position


Usually called fx_whateverTheEffectIs, this component defines and registers effects which can then be placed via slots.

Adding and deleting effect slots


In the entEffectSpawnerComponent, delete:

  1. the placementTag entry that you want to get rid of

  2. the corresponding entry in placementInfos (see the yellow arrows on the screenshot under entEffectSpawnerComponent)

In the entSlotComponent, delete:

  1. The entry in slots referencing the previously deleted component by name.


In the entEffectSpawnerComponent, add:

  1. a new placementTag at the end of the array with the name of your new entry (e.g. fx_candle_slot_04)

  2. a new entry under placementInfos (by duplicating the last entry), setting the placementTagIndex to the numeric index of the placementTag you created in step 1

In the entSlotComponent, add:

  1. a new entry in slots with the name that you created in Step 1


If you are making effects into equipment, having the same autoSpawnTag will make it so equipping one will despawn the other one.


eventRUID in the ent component must be the same as the effect particles ruid, and ideally should be unique across everything. You can right click on a RUID field and choose "Generate new CRUID" to generate a semi-random new CRUID and then copy it across so they match.

Red square: autoSpawnTag, Yellow square: eventRUID

Placing effect components

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