How to make a scar (tips for drawing)

This tuto will teach you how do a scar in the software of your choice. I will give you some basic idea on how to create scar,


Published: Feb 29 2024 by Yggnire, initial guide by Yggnire Last documented edit: Feb 29 2024 by Yggnire

I will give you some basic idea on how to create scar, I encourage you to use these basics and explore as many possibilities as possible. Don't hold on to what I'm going to explain to you.

Have fun.

Level of difficulty

The ability to read: mandatory, because I'm not gonna lie โ€” this is gonna be difficult otherwise. Knowing how to use a drawing software : recommended, because this guide will not cover it.

Expected time to complete

- as long as it takes you to create a scar that you like

Prerequisites :

I use the software CLIP STUDIO PAINT but you can do it with the one you want.

I'm gonna do the scar on the normal map (bumpmap) first.

I take a RED color like this :

Natural scar :

I use a wet watercolors brush for the natural scar

Do the base of your scar :

Then pimp it , you can erase or add some pieces to your scar with your brush

Now copy paste your scar and change the color to GREEN, place the layer below the red one and move it a few pixels to the side you want.

Now copy paste your scar on the skin textures

Use the Pipette tools and take the skin color, use the "Lock Transparent Pixels" parameters OR you can use CTRL+U to modify the color as you wish, do the same for the GREEN layer, personally I use a lighter color for the red layer and a darker color for the green layer

Good job, you have your first scar ! Now do magic with wkit and go see your scar in-game

In-game appearance

Cyberware scar :

I use a hard brush for the cyberware scar

Do your base with the RED color

Surround the RED base with a GREEN outline

The skin map scar appearance

In-game appearance

Burn Scar :

I use a wet watercolor brush to make the Burn scar.

Do the base

Add the GREEN under the RED as always

Then I add a new layer of RED and GREEN

I then use a blur spray brush like this, I paint randomly on my scar and around it

I reduce some layers' opacity at my conveniance and then I go to the skin map

Here is what my scar looks like when colored.

I will add some extra textures on it, only on the skin map, not the bumpmap.

In-game appearance

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