๐Ÿ”งTweakXL: Changing game records

How to change item stats with TweakXL


Last documented edit: Feb 09 2024 by manavortex

Changing item stats happens by making changes via TweakXL or REDmod in the TweakDB: Game database.

You can find more information about this on the TweakXL github's wiki page.

Guides about this:

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How to edit tweaks?

You can change tweaks with

OK, but what's the pros and cons for each?

psiberx says:

it's mostly preference but there are real advantages of TweakXL:

  • proper record creation and cloning with all properties

  • proper hot reload with rolling back to initial state, and not just reapplying your mod changes on top of previous run

  • it's much faster when used for declarative tweaks and even for scripts (I did some optimizations for CET which reduced loading times 20x, but it needs more; for reference if we convert just the existing clothing mods to CET it'll increase game launch time in minutes)

  • easier to work with arrays

  • can create new stats

REDMod can do the same, but doesn't offer you hot reload features.

Removing properties

If you want to safely delete a record property, set its value to None.

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