Custompathing assets

This guide will teach you how to create own copies of game assets instead of overwriting the original files.

Published: January 16 2024 by @madmaximusjb and manavortex

This guide will teach you how to set game assets as new files. Don't worry, it's really simple! We're taking this Liberty handgun mesh (I think it used to belong to some Dexter guy`?) and make our own copy of the file.


Step 1: Getting a file to custompath

Once you're done, we can proceed to the next section.

Custompathing (in) game files

You have added a game file to your project, or you have downloaded a template file, and now want to change the references.


For more information about .this, check 3d objects: .mesh files

Find your CMaterialInstance in either localMaterialBuffer.materials or preloadLocalMaterials, then change any depot paths in the properties:


For more information about this, check Game icons: The inkatlas file

For modded files, you only need slot 0 - 1 and 2 can be blank.

The texture property is optional.

Until next time, chooms!

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