Merging existing tattoos

How to merge two or more existing tattoos


Published: Feb 03 2024 by manavortex, initial guide by Yggnire Last documented edit: 18 May 2024 by YoursTrulyBilly

This guide will teach you how to merge multiple tattoos into one. It will not cover the process ofTexture Frameworks for Player V.

For this example, we'll be merging two VTK tattoos from Belly Tattoos Pack and Low Back Tattoo Pack by Yggnire, specifically these two files.

Level of difficulty: Easy

The guide is extremely detailed and has screenshots for each step!

Required previous knowledge:

  • The ability to read: mandatory, because I'm not gonna lie โ€” this is gonna be difficult otherwise.

  • Knowing how to edit images: recommended, because this guide will not cover it. If you don't know it, the relevant section will tell you what to Google, though

Expected time to complete:

<1h for total noobs, <15 minutes if you know what you're doing.


To see which files you need to edit, check this: Overlay textures by framework.

Step 1: Create a Wolvenkit Project:

Depending on the supported framework, you need to name your project like this:

FrameworkPrefixExample name







Step 2: Add the modded files

It's best to rename each tattoo after adding to make it easier for you to know which is which!

  1. In the asset browser, find v_overlay.xbm inside the first .archive file and add it to your project (right-click or double-click)

  1. Re-name the file in your project to e.g. lowbacktattoo.xbm

  1. Add v_overlay.xbm from the second .archive file to your project

  1. Re-name the file in your project to e.g. skulltattoo.xbm

  2. Add the file v_overlay.xbm again โ€” this will be your final overlay.xbm

If you want to merge into a clean template, check Merging existing tattoos: into a clean template.

Step 3: Export for edit

  1. You can now find the exported .png files in source\raw\base\v_textures\body. Time to look at them.

Step 4: Photoshopping

If you don't have photoshop, you can use in your browser for free!

I need a reference!

You can download Night City Tattoos, specifically the Layout Templates For Custom Tattoos:

Once downloaded, open the file named LayoutTemplate_tattoo_body__customisation.psd and drag&drop both of your tattoo files inside.

If you need the body texture as a reference, check Merging existing tattoos: into a clean template and export v_body_d.png.

  1. Open lowbacktattoo.png in Photoshop.

  2. Drag-and-drop the second file (skulltattoo.png) into your open tab.

  3. Optional: If the pictures aren't the same size, use the W: box at the top of the file to scale it up or down.

  1. If your added file has been pasted as a smart object, rasterize it by right-clicking on the layer in the Layers palette

  2. Merge the layer down on the base layer

Fixing the transparency

We have one last thing to do before we can import our file back, and that is fixing the transparency. Don't worry, we'll do it step-by-step:

  1. Find the Channels palette. It should be right below your Layers palette, but if it's not, you might have to turn it on via Window -> Channels


  1. Select File -> Export -> export as png

  2. Overwrite v_overlay.png

Step 6: Importing into Wolvenkit

  1. Find and select v_overlay.png

  2. In the sidebar, make sure that PremultiplyAlpha is checked

  3. Import!

  1. Check the files in Wolvenkit. They should have changed.

  2. Delete all files that aren't v_overlay.xbm, since we don't need them anymore.

Step 7: Testing the mod

  1. Make sure that no other tattoo mods are installed โ€” or there's a chance that you'll get to see those, rather than your new edit.

And there you have it! Go in-game and admire your new tattoos! ๐Ÿ‘

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