010 Editor

What is 010 Editor?

010 Editor is a generic hex editing software which is capable of reading and writing REDengine W2RC files. A custom template for the 010 Editor created by @alphaZomega must be used to parse game files as human-readable.


The 010 Editor can be downloaded from Sweetscape's website

010 Editor Template for Cyberpunk 2077

alphaZomega's CP77_CR2W.bt 010 template can be downloaded from the following link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/udqqvb4yz1xpuka/CP77_CR2W_v0.51.zip


  1. Install 010 Editor and run it.

  2. install alphaZomega's template by navigating to Templates > View Installed Templates, then click Add and add CP77_CR2W.bt.

  3. Navigate to your Cybeprunk 2077 installation, locate the oo2ext_7_win64.dll file, then copy and paste the DLL to the same location as the BT template file.


Unkarkify and Rebuild

Unpack and pack the compressed "KARK'd" data within a CP77_CR2W file


Deletes an entire name and value's worth of a section inside the aforementioned formatted file


Changes all the Material headers' numbers inside a file to be a universal one with zero offsets


Creates a new material header inside a file

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