WKit Blender Plugin: Troubleshooting

If it's not working as expected


Published: Jan 20 2024 by manavortex Last documented update: Apr 19 2024 by manavortex

This page contains troubleshooting options for the Wolvenkit Blender IO Suite.

If the plugin gives you error messages on export, please check WKit Blender Plugin: Error messages instead.

If you can't solve your problem with these steps, feel free to reach out on Discord in the #blender-add-on channel.

The first thing people on Discord will tell you is to read this page, so you might as well get it out of the way.

Blender errors will show up in the system console window (View -> Toggle System Console).

General Troubleshooting

0. Steam

If you installed Blender via Steam, stay on the stable stream and make sure to keep Blender up-to-date.

1. Make sure that you are on the correct Blender version

As of, the plugin supports 4.1.0 and requires >= 4.0.2. This information might be outdated by the time you read it.

You can see the exact Blender version in the lower right corner of the program:

2. Make sure that you are on the latest plugin version

  1. Open the preferences from the menu (Edit -> Preferences)

  2. Switch to the AddOns tab in the bar on the left

  3. In the filter field at the top right of the list, search for cyberpunk

  4. Expand the entry and find the Version field

  1. Check on github that this is the last available version of the plugin.

  2. If it's not, you need to update. Uninstall the old version, then install the most recent plugin

You need to restart Blender after updating the plugin!

Check the console output

See if Blender encountered any errors by checking the console output. From the menu, select View -> Toggle System Console.

Our technical experts will want to see this. If you can't make sense of it via Google or ChatGPT, hit up the #blender-add-on channel on Discord.

Failed to import materials

Please complete the steps in General Troubleshooting first!

Make sure that your Wolvenkit is up-to-date

If that doesn't help, you can also give the Nightly version a try.

After updating Wolvenkit, make sure to re-export your .mesh with materials!

Make sure that your Depot is not outdated

The plugin needs your Wolvenkit Depot to a) exist and b) be more or less recent.

If you aren't sure how old your depot is or if you have one at all, it might be time to regenerate:

    1. If it's not set, set it now

    2. If it's set: Open the folder in Windows Explorer and delete everything there.

After regenerating your depot, make sure to re-export your .mesh with materials!

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