How to create an overlay tattoo

This guide will teach you how to create tattoo on modded body, KS_UV and VTK


Published: Apr 11 2024 by Yggnire, initial guide by Yggnire Last documented edit: Apr 11 2024 by Yggnire

Level of difficulty

The ability to read: mandatory, because I'm not gonna lie โ€” this is gonna be difficult otherwise. Knowing how to use a drawing software : recommended, because this guide will not cover it. Knowing how to use WolvenKit.

<5 minutes to set up everything 5 minutes - as long as it takes you to create a tattoo that you like <5 minutes for the import/install


Settings up and tattoo making :

VTK project name should be 00_modname

KS_UV project name should be 005_modname

  1. To create overlay tattoo , you need the following files Overlay textures by framework , select the body part you want to edit.

  2. Add the files to your project by double-clicking on them

  3. Open a new project in photoshop, clip studio paint, or another editing software

  4. Set the height and width to 4096x4096 or in the quality that you want 1024, 2048 or 4096

  5. Grab the skin map of your choice, create a new layer and then do your tattoo :

  1. When your tattoo is complete, uncheck the eye on the skin layer

  1. Now your project should look like this: Your tattoo and no background

  1. Save your project as a .PNG files

  2. Return to WolvenKit and Open the texture preview window by clicking the blue checkbox

Right click on it and click on the "Replace Texture" and choose your textures files

When it's done, export the file, then import and Install.

When it's done, go in-game and admire your new tattoo !

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