Boe6's vehicles: Make the Proxymesh

The proxy mesh can be created once the vehicle is complete or close to complete.

There are many ways of converting a high-res model to a low-res model, but for this guide the โ€œRemeshโ€ modifier in Blender will be used.

Set all the parts visible and positioned correctly relative to the body in Blender. In my case I also added the wheel shadow meshes, as the rim holes caused issues with remeshing details. Join all the objects into one and select the object. Example:

The Remesh Modifier is available in the properties menu, under modifier properties: It

It is recommended to save before adding or changing settings in the modifier, as unintended settings can crash blender fairly easily. Here are the settings to adjust in Remesh:

Try to create a final proxy mesh with a low amount of faces/triangles. The face current face count visible in blender can be seen in the top left of the viewer. Example:

Most use less than 2 thousand faces for a proxy mesh. Youโ€™ll also need to update the blender model to be correctly position, as the .rig will modify it. Translate your model with the reverse values used to translate the initial proxy mesh.

Once the mesh is ready, a texture is needed. I recommend this guide for texture painting:

Once the texture is ready, you can export it from Blender under Image > Save As.. >

Save it as a .png, and then import it into the project as an .xbm

In the proxy.mesh, update the texture path:

  • .mesh > RDTDataViewModel > preloadLocalMaterialInstances > 0 values > baseColor

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