Boe6's vehicles: What you need to know

Some familiarity with WolvenKit is required.

I go into as much detail as I can, but try to be familiar with the project explorer, asset browser, and other windows.

Mod file types

  • .ent file is the base file of a vehicle. It contains all settings and child files.

  • .app is the vehicleโ€™s appearances settings.

  • .mesh is a 3d file, used for vehicle body parts.

  • .xbm are raw texture files.

  • .mlsetup has settings for texture sets

  • .mlmask is zipped mask texture/finish layers, normal maps, etc.

  • .inkatlas contain reference texture information

  • .inkwidget configures texture layering, position, & animations

  • .rig has 3D information for how the .mesh files are linked and move.

  • .yaml files configure TweakDB items.

  • .json files list string localization information.

  • .phys is used to set vehicle collision/interaction bounds

Understanding of different Data Types

  • Int/Integer : whole numbers

  • Float : fractional numbers, decimal places

  • String : sequence of characters

  • Boolean : true or false

  • Array : collection or list of items of the same data type

  • Nothing : โ€œnullโ€

Some understanding of blender is assumed.

  • Object/edit mode

  • Object management

  • Object edits

  • Joining and separating models

  • Know the difference between object origin, world origin, and the blender cursor

  • Cyberpunk 2077 glTF Importer plugin / Wolvenkit resources plugin (View Options > plugins to install)

Knowledge of a photo editor of your choice.

  • Must have support for .tga files

  • Must have support for alpha channels

  • Photoshop (Photopea), Krita,, and Gimp are good options

Some Python familiarity

  • There are some python scripts and python commands to use.

  • Be able to edit and run a .py script

  • Not necessary for most changes

Mod requirements

Install these to your game before starting:

A 3D model to use

  • Have a 3D vehicle model ready to use for converting into cyberpunk.

  • Important features are details parts, doors, trunk, etc. and textures.

  • Higher face/vertice count is better. Modeled interiors are a must.

  • Sketchfab is one great option for finding models, but Google is also useful.

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