R&R: Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting section for the Recolours & Refits guide


Published: September 30 2023 by manavortex Last documented edit: May 20 2024 by manavortex

This page is a part of the Recolours and Refits guide. It will tell you how to deal with the most common problems specific to this guide. There will be links to other troubleshooting guides in the text.

The troubleshooting steps below will be expanded as people follow this guide and run into problems. If you encounter anything not on the list,

  • make sure to double-check the guide โ€” did you complete all required steps in the correct order?

  • find @manavortex on the REDmodding Discord, for example in #mod-dev-chat


You can check Archived: Exporting and importing meshes or seeTroubleshooting your mesh edits for general troubleshooting.

I can't import my file back

Have you moved any files?

  1. Export the target file again

  2. Overwrite the exported file in your project's raw folder with your changes

  3. Import back


You can find tool-specific troubleshooting on MLSB's wiki page.

I can't build a depot

That's okay, you can still complete the guide without a full depot, or you can check MLSetupBuilder's wiki page for more instructions.


My mesh is string cheese!

You either need to import garment support, or delete the parameters.

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