Wolvenkit Import and Export explained

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UI/Workflow documentation

This section contains general information and workflow documentation about importing and exporting files with Wolvenkit.

File Structure: the raw folder

Moving or renaming files usually breaks the import. Read on to find out why.

When exporting a resource, Wolvenkit puts the exported file into your project's raw folder. In the UI, you can find it in your project explorer:

The relative paths (starting under archive/raw) are the same, as will the file name (without extensions).

These files are connected:


You can import your_file.glb via Import Tool.

These files are not connected:


You can not import your_file_mesh_export.glb via Import Tool, because Wolvenkit won't know where to put it.


Wolvenkit knows to ways of exporting files: to JSON, or via the Export Tool.

Exported files will be created in your project's raw folder. The will be the same.


Unless importing from JSON, Wolvenkit can't create files.

When using the Import Tool, we can only import into already existing containers (see #file-structure for more information)

The easiest way to do that is:

  1. export an existing file

  2. overwrite the new file in raw with your changes

  3. import the file

Import from JSON

This option is in the right-click menu.

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