Video and Audio

How to view video and audio files in WolvenKit.

This page is about the WolvenKit app. To bulk-export or -import video and audio files, check Video and audio files (CLI)


Voice-overs & music

Voice-overs and most music are stored as .wem files – you can use the search to filter by extension.

When you select an audio file in your Project Explorer or the Asset Browser, the File Information widget will turn into an audio player:

Sound effects

Sound effects are stored differently and cannot be previewed in WolvenKit. If you want to search and preview SFX, use the SoundDB web tool.

You can import and export sound effects stored in .opuspak files using the Import and Export tools respectively. See this page for a walk-through:

Import/Export: Sound effects


In the past, Wolvenkit used to be able to view videos. However, due to license issues, we had since to remove the plugin.

However, it was only a wrapper around RADTools, which you can also install as external tool.

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