Published Jun 28 2021

WolvenKit 0.8.2 brings massive improvements in key areas. Features such as the Asset Browser have been refactored to be more robust and efficient. This build also features the first scalable content pipeline for importing various assets. Be sure to thoroughly read the Release Notes and check the showcase video!

Support for Witcher modding has been temporarily removed from this build while we work on improving those features. Please continue using Legacy WolvenKit for now ❤️


8.2.2 (Jul 05 2021)


  • Fix for some meshes that did not import successfully (index out of range error)

  • Fix for materials not being written correctly from material json files

  • Fix for critical error with pack tool installing archives with a subfolder which prevents auto-installed mods from loading in game

  • Fixed a bug with settings view not updating


  • Additional information is displayed within the status bar

  • Project creation simplified further

  • Bug and feedback reporters implemented within Options ribbon menu

  • Installer and auto-installation added

8.2.1 (Jun 29 2021)

  • Support for bk2 import/export via the Project Explorer right-click context menu

  • Fixed critical bug where some mesh previews crashed the app

  • Fixed a bug where items in the mod project had incorrect paths

  • Fixed a startup issue with InitializeBK accessing the oodle DLL before the game path has been set

Asset I/O

  • Implementation of the universal Import/Export Tool brings support for an asset I/O pipeline The Import/Export Tool can be accessed through the WolvenKit editor ribbon. Exported files will be placed inside a new WolvenKit system directory called Raw. The Raw directory will mirror the existing Mod directory 1:1 which enables us to quickly re-import files without having to target an out-path for each import.

  • Support for mesh I/O Native support for mesh to gltf/glb and vice versa

  • Support for xbm I/O Native support for xbm to dds and vice versa

  • Support for bespoke material json I/O Import/Export tool supports material.json files which can be used to manipulate REDengine materials


  • Irrlicht has been eliminated from the Solution.

  • The Asset Browser code has been refactored, dramatically improving startup times.

File Editor

  • The File Editor has not seen much development. There is a small regression with 8.2, where paths and variables are not displayed correctly. Alternatives such as the 010 editor template or WolvenKit's bespoke I/O for materials are recommended to view CR2W properties.

Mod Projects

  • The Raw WolvenKit system directory has been added. This directory hosts all non-REDengine formats such as dds, tga, glb, and other source files such as psd, xcf, or blend files. The Raw directory significantly improves efficiency of the Import/Export Tool. Raw files that can be imported will appear inside the Import/Export Tool. Raw files can also be opened externally with your preferred editor by double clicking them inside the Project Explorer (i.e. opening a .blend file directly with Blender).

  • WolvenKit now leverages a material repository. The material repository can be created all-at-once by exporting all game textures from XBM to TGA (other formats not supported at this time). Alternatively, each mesh exported with materials will have all texture dependencies dumped here. It's recommend to use the all-at-once approach if storage is not an issue. The material repository makes dumping redundant texture dependencies for each and every mesh unnecessary.

  • Basic-yet-powerful operations have been added to the Project Explorer. Rename, copy, paste, and delete have been added to the context ribbon. Batch operations such as batch delete are supported also by using multi-select. Manage your assets from the Project Explorer!

  • The DLC WolvenKit system directory has been removed, to be re-added if/when we have a working DLC pipeline.

  • The publish button has been disabled temporarily in favor of the simple pack tool. The pack tool is a one-click solution to packing all Mod directory files and installing them to the game automatically.


  • All REDengine files have been assigned a custom icon

  • Multi-select has been implemented in areas such as the Asset Browser. Shift-select multiple files, right-click, then use the context menu to add selected files to the project.

  • Basic file operations for the Project Explorer have been added to the context ribbon. (rename, copy, paste, delete, etc.)

  • Startup time for projects has been dramatically reduced. The asset browser should initialize much faster

  • Significant cleanup of unusable features/buttons. Witcher 3 modding support has been temporarily removed since the initial implementation is superficial

  • Theming has been completely refactored

  • New Import/Export tool has been added

  • New Material Repository tool has been added

  • Publish has been disabled temporarily

  • Home page has been refactored with support for embedded videos. We plan to feature showcase/guide videos, or community guides as well

  • Sammy icon has replaced the old desktop icon


  • Windows Administrative Mode is no longer required to launch WolvenKit. Note: If Cyberpunk is installed to your Program Files folder WolvenKit should still be launched with administrative mode enabled.

  • Basic integration with Blender's shader system via the material.json. Meshes can be imported with materials and textures using HitmanHimself's Blender plugin found here: https://github.com/HitmanHimself/cp77research/releases/tag/1.0.0 Read more about Blender integration with WolvenKit on our dedicated Wiki page.

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