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Published Jun 28 2021

WolvenKit 0.8.2 brings massive improvements in key areas. Features such as the Asset Browser have been refactored to be more robust and efficient. This build also features the first scalable content pipeline for importing various assets. Be sure to thoroughly read the Release Notes and check the showcase video!
Support for Witcher modding has been temporarily removed from this build while we work on improving those features. Please continue using Legacy WolvenKit for now ❤️


8.2.2 (Jul 05 2021)


  • Fix for some meshes that did not import successfully (index out of range error)
  • Fix for materials not being written correctly from material json files
  • Fix for critical error with pack tool installing archives with a subfolder which prevents auto-installed mods from loading in game
  • Fixed a bug with settings view not updating


  • Additional information is displayed within the status bar
  • Project creation simplified further
  • Bug and feedback reporters implemented within Options ribbon menu
  • Installer and auto-installation added

8.2.1 (Jun 29 2021)

  • Support for bk2 import/export via the Project Explorer right-click context menu
  • Fixed critical bug where some mesh previews crashed the app
  • Fixed a bug where items in the mod project had incorrect paths
  • Fixed a startup issue with InitializeBK accessing the oodle DLL before the game path has been set
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