Frequently asked questions

What can I do with WolvenKit?

The Overview page provides a broad look at what's possible to achieve with WolvenKit.

Where can I get help with WolvenKit?

Browsing this wiki is the best place to start! For additional help check out our Community information.

Can I edit meshes and textures with WolvenKit?

Yes. WolvenKit is capable of converting game assets to common formats such as PNG or glTF. These files can be edited with software of your choice and repacked as a game format Read more about editing assets with our built-in Import/Export tool.

Where are the tutorials?

Creating click-by-click tutorials for modding is not one of our goals. The philosophy behind our documentation is to create a complete manual for using WolvenKit. It's counterproductive for us to document other software commonly used in modding workflows, especially when existing documentation is freely available online. Creating documentation and guides takes an enormous amount of time, our most precious resource as volunteers.

You may be interested in our YouTube page which showcases some curated guides for using WolvenKit features. These guides are not intended to be click-by-click but they will teach you how to integrate various workflows into the WolvenKit pipeline.