Wolvenkit.CLI: Usage


This page contains information on the general use of Wolvenkit's command line interface. For more specific information, please see the corresponding sub-pages:

As of January 2024, Wolvenkit.CLI does not work under Linux. You can run it though qemu and virtofs.


  • Display general help/list all commands: --help

  • Display help for a specific command: archive -h

Using WolvenKit Console globally

You can now install and update the Wolvenkit Command Line Tools (wolvenkit.cli) as a dotnet global tool. The console can be used anywhere directly from the command line, with no custom installation, and easy update.

Open command prompt/powershell and type in:

dotnet tool install -g wolvenkit.cli

WolvenKit Console can now be run from anywhere using CMD/Powershell:

wolvenkit.cli uncook -p "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\content\basegame_1_engine.archive"

For updates to WolvenKit console, open CMD/Powershell and type:

dotnet tool update --global wolvenkit.cli

Video Guide for launching CLI

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