Wolvenkit's settings and what they mean


You must make sure that your Game Executable Path is set. Wolvenkit will not work otherwise.


Game Executable Path (.exe)

Path to the game's executable file on your hard drive, e.g.

C:\Games\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\Cyberpunk2077.exe

Depot Path

Defaults to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\REDModding\WolvenKit\Depot

A folder where Wolvenkit can store all its clutter. NOT your game directory.

Settings: Overview

For a textual explanation of the seettings, see the next section

Settings explained

Show File Preview

Enables interactive Quick Previews within the Properties panel. Toggle off for improved performance when navigating the Asset Browser and Project Explorer.

Game Executable (.exe) Path

If Cyberpunk is installed within Program Files, we recommend running WolvenKit as administrator.

Depot Path

The Depot Path is a WolvenKit system folder for caching game assets. It serves as a cache for mesh exports with materials. WolvenKit builds a repository of visual assets within the Depot for usage with external applications such as MLSetupBuilder or Blender.

By default, it is set to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\REDModding\WolvenKit\Depot, but you can pick any location. It does not need to be on an SSD, although Wolvenkit might load faster if it is.

Depending on how many game assets you extract, the Depot can grow to more than 30 gigabytes.

Learn more about the Material exports here.

Analyze Mods

Uncheck the box to disable validation of installed .archive files. This will improve performance when switching to the Mod Browser, but you won't receive warnings about corrupt archives anymore.

Additional Mod Directory

A directory for .archive mods outside of your game directory, for example for resources that you want to load for multiple projects. Mods inside this folder will show up in the Mod Browser after your installed mods.

File Editor

Group Large Collections

Toggles limited collections for improved performance within the File Editor when working when navigating large files.

Group Size

Adjusts the amount of elements of in a limited collection within the File Editor.

Default to Simple Mode

Starting with 1.14, Wolvenkit offers multiple editor modes. You can find details under Switching Editor Modes.


Show Guided Tour

UNKNOWN FUNCTIONALITY This toggle may not work in the latest WolvenKit build.

Update Channel

The update channel determines which type WolvenKit updates are received.

  • Stable WolvenKit will only show prompts when new releases are published (recommended)

  • Nightly WolvenKit will show the latest development builds which may be unstable

Theme Accent

Changes the accent color of UI elements throughout WolvenKit.

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