Import/Export: MLMask and MLSetup

How to import and export multilayered assets


You can export and import MultilayerMasks via Wolvenkit.

For the UI documentation, check Tools: Import/Export UI

For general information such as the file structure and output directory, check Import/Export

Learn more about the functionality of mlmask files on the REDengine 4 Wiki

Exporting MLMASK files

Mask files can be exported with the Import/Export tool in a similar fashion to texture files. Additionally, WolvenKit will automatically create a custom masklist file, which can be used for importing modified mlmask files.

Masklist files can be opened and modified with any text-editing program.

You can use absolute or relative texture paths.

Importing MLMASK files

Use the import tool to select any masklist file within the raw directory of the Project Explorer. If you don't have one, export an MLMask first.


You can export and import MLSetup files via JSON and edit them with the MLSetupBuilder.



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