Wolvenkit Search: Finding files

These aren't the files you're looking for… yet.

You can use the search bar at the top of the asset browser to search the game files:

To search in your currently installed mods instead, switch to Mod Browser:


You can chain the search operators below with the > character, which will run the results of the first search through the second search.


// find all .mesh files in mod archives matching ArchiveXL_Netrunner
archive:ArchiveXL_Netrunner > .mesh

// find all textures with "steel" outside of "Characters"
// (have negative matches last, as they're expensive)
.xbm > steel > !characters

Let's get to the meat of the matter.

By archive

This is mostly useful for the mod browser, as it allows you to e.g. retrieve files from your other mods without switching projects or digging through your mod directory.

Use the archive switch to show only files in a certain archive (name or path):


This operator has to be chained via > if you want to refine it.

a:ArchiveXL_Netrunner .mesh will show nothing a:ArchiveXL_Netrunner > .mesh will show all mesh files by archive match ArchiveXL_Netrunner.

By full / partial path


This is the default search behaviour, and you don't need to include these operators.

Search will only show you files under this path.



To limit your search to a certain folder, you can put the folder path and the search term:

base\characters\common\player_base_bodies\player_female_average t0_000_pwa_base

You don't need to include slashes. These search terms below will yield the same results:

base\characters\common\player_base_bodies\player_female_average arms
base characters common player_base_bodies player_female_average arms

// or simplify it to
player_base_bodies player_female_average arms

File Extension

You can limit your search to certain file extensions:

player_female_average .mesh
player_female_average .xbm


If you only know a file's hash, you can still search for it:



You can search for multiple terms by using the | operator:

player_base_bodies\player_female_average > .mesh|.xbm

This does not like spaces. word1|word2 will work, word1 | word2 will not.


You can exclude terms from the search by prefixing them with !:

player_base_bodies\player_female_average arms > !morphtarget

Regular Expression

Wolvenkit lets you search for regular expressions. The main limitation is that you can't use spaces:


.* will work by default.

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