WolvenKit is powerful

Asset I/O

WolvenKit includes an all-purpose import and export tool for converting assets to game files and vice versa. Our tooling is bespoke allowing for native conversions with extensive options to suit your needs (check Import/Export or find the list of I/O formats for export/import).

Base game and user-generated archives can be browsed on the fly, making game dumps obsolete. Our Asset Browser also features instant preview for assets such as meshes and textures.


WolvenKit is an open-source community developed application. The source code for WolvenKit and other projects can be found on our GitHub page. WolvenKit is primarily written in C# and the GUI uses WPF framework. Anyone can download the source code and build on their own with Visual Studio. If you're a developer who is interested in getting involved, please check out Contributing!

File Editor

WolvenKit is built around our RTTI-based file editor. Any REDengine file can be inspected, edited, and saved with the File Editor. The File Editor is also capable of reading and writing in-place buffer data. Game files can also be converted to human-readable json and back for ease-of-use.


WolvenKit can host virtually all of your required project files inside the Project Explorer. Each project is neatly separated into distinct folders which can be accessed through the application. No more whiplash from constantly navigating your file explorer to switch between projects! Feel free to host all of your assets within a mod project. Source files such as blends, psd, xcf, and more can be placed inside your project tree and opened directly with a double click! WolvenKit works with you by organizing your project files automatically.


WolvenKit is created with the intention of being an all-purpose mod editor. The application interface is designed to help modders keep their sanity by having every tool at their disposal from the main editor. The application is built with a configurable interface to suit your preferences.


WolvenKit features a robust build pipeline for handling REDengine assets. Game files can be browsed, extracted, modified, and packed into an archive once again for use in game. WolvenKit can help guide modders along with this process by using our efficient pipelines.


WolvenKit supports Blender for one-click imports of fully shaded Cyberpunk meshes using the Multilayered.mt supershader. Find the workflows here:

Exporting Rigs & Anims

Exporting Vehicles

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